Terms and Conditions of Service


There are no guarantees when conducting family history research. It is for this reason that we offer a free consultation to ascertain the feasibility of any given research project. We recommend this initial research in order to avoid disappointment for our client. 

There are many reasons why research may be unsuccessful including lack of records for a particular area or time period, illegible records and common names. We do however endeavour to be as thorough as we can and exhaust all research avenues possible.

All research is conducted and presented in accordance with the Association of Professional Genealogist Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. 



All research packages require a 50% deposit to be paid in advance in order for research to begin and to cover initial costs e.g. purchase of certificates. At the completion of the research project, the outstanding balance payment is required. Upon payment of this balance, your professional family history will be delivered.

All hourly rate commissions are payable in advance of research being carried out unless otherwise agreed. 

Initial Free Consultation

This initial phase of research is free of charge and is provided in order to ascertain whether research into the clients family history is indeed possible.  




You are fully entitled to cancel any commission made for research by Archive Ancestry however will be fully liable for any costs incurred up until the point of cancellation. Any research conducted prior to the cancellation will be billed at the hourly rate except in circumstances where this exceeds the package originally purchased at which point that rate will apply. Any research material obtained will be given to the client upon settlement of any outstanding bill.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made upon being invoiced via credit card, debit card and PayPal for easy and secure transactions.